August 7th session with Vicki Boeckman

Please read the Word Doc first, before printing the PDF. 
The exercises and music are in the PDF which is 18 pages

Greeting Dallas Recorder Players!
I was thrilled to be asked to lead your August 7th playing session, and ever so grateful
that you agreed to accommodate my night owl circadian rhythm!  My intent is to start
with a quick articulation brush up to get those tu s and du s and diddles going and then
apply them to Johan Hermann Schein's Suite no 5 from Banchetto Musicale published
in 1617.  We’ll end the session with a rip-roaring Battalla de Barabaso from a collection
from 1650 by the esteemed yet little-known Andrea Falconieri. All sizes of recorders
welcome from soprano on down to contra.
I will be sharing sound files that I have recorded, but due to varying degrees of internet
latency, page turns will never be perfect for everyone, so I would ask that you either
print the materials and read off your own music stand or download and save to a
separate device from which you read. I understand if you are taking oodles of virtual
classes and don’t want to print reams and reams of music that you will never use again,
but the experience will be much more enjoyable, and you can use the back to print other
Take care, stay healthy and I look forward to seeing you soon!