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A Chapter of the American Recorder Society

Welcome to the Dallas Recorder Society (DRS), a chapter of the American Recorder Society (ARS).

We are a group of recorder players from the Dallas/Fort Worth area who support the missions of the American Recorder Society to:

  • Promote the recorder and its music by providing resources and opportunities to the diverse recorder community.

  • To help people of all ages and ability levels to play and study recorder

  • Present the instrument to new constituencies

  • Encourage increased career opportunities for professional performers and teachers

  • Enable and support recorder playing as a shared social experience

The group promotes interest in the recorder and its music,both early and modern,while giving players an opportunity to meet other players and make music together.  

Legally, we operate as an unincorporated 501 (c)(7) association.

President: Alice Derbyshire

Treasurer: David Podeschi

ARS Liaison: Louise Delano

Music Director: Cornell Kinderknecht

See Contact page for more information

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